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Achieve Better Maintainability,

Reliability, And Availability Of Equipment.

Our solution will enable timely and efficient delivery of maintenance management tools, reduction of maintenance costs and the prevention and management of assets. We are a true reflection of performance without losing interest in the Health and Safety of your employees. Ultimately, with the correct implementation, your Company bottom line will most definitely improve. With over thousands of users across South Africa that use dMS every day. Now in its fourth generation, we are proud to say it just got even better in every possible way.


Our solution will enable timely and efficient delivery of maintenance management tools, reduction of maintenance costs and the prevention and management of assets.


Gain control over your inventory and supplies with dMS's Material Control. Associate parts with equipment, store information such as part numbers, minimum and maximum thresholds, storage location, and more in our detailed database, and monitor inventory levels with customizable reports.


The Non-Conformance database is designed to help you create and control all Non-Conformance Requests for further Corrective and or Preventive Action to be taken. It provides a logical structure within which you can control your quality effort.

One Application, many features.

Say goodbye to complicated, expensive maintenance software.

Extend the life of your assets and equipment by 20% with our preventive maintenance and equipment maintenance solution. The dMS’s tracking capture all aspects of your operations and our detailed dMS Reports enable you to pinpoint problem areas. Our material management module makes it easy to maintain a well-stocked inventory by monitoring stock levels of spare parts and allowing the option to set customized reordering notifications.

Work Order Management

Easily create, assign, and manage unlimited work orders

Preventive Maintenance (Also Meter-based)

Create preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders and automatically generate those work orders based on date, time, and meter readings.

Parts and Inventory Management

Track parts and supplies, optimize inventory levels or manage inventory at multiple locations through a single, integrated maintenance and asset management solution.

Equipment and Machine Management

Track rotating assets and rebuilds as they move between work orders, people, facilities, sites and your external suppliers’ and contractors’ repair shops.

Bar Code Generation

Easily print out asset tags.

Maintenance Scheduling

Get preventive maintenance (PM) and safety inspections done on time, every time you need it. Create preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders from any combination of date, time, meter readings

Equipment Downtime Tracking

Use our mean time to repair to predict performance or the life cycle cost of equipment

Labor and Resource Planning

Track and KPI your labor work force

dMS Acdemy

knowledge is power

No matter how your team learns best, our comprehensive training options will provide all the knowledge needed to understand and optimize your dMS Application.



dMS can be installed on-premise. It can be customized and integrated with your other business systems to deliver a solution that maximizes business.

Cloud Hosted

dMS can be hosted and delivered as a cloud solution with customization and integration possibilities including tablet capability.

Seamless connections and integrations

We offer a suite of platform tools that allow you to fully leverage your dMS by integrating it with any hardware device or software application in the cloud through our API (Application Programming Interface). Whether importing data directly from machine sensors or exporting data to an ERP, our platform allows you to unlock the full power of your business assets and infrastructure.

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