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Our Modules – dMS – Drumblade Maintenance And Safety


Most organizations use, hundreds, if not thousands of physical assets. The assets range in size from small pumps to steel rolling mills. They may be concentrated on one small site or spread over thousands of square kilometers. The number and variety of items mean that it is necessary to draw up a comprehensive list of these assets for maintenance purposes, spares purchasing, or accounting exercises. In dMS maintaining equipment is not only possible but companies are able to identify individual spares and the effect of their failure on the total plant.

  • Create Work Order With Ease
  • Track Live Feedback
  • Proactive Maintenance Dashboard.
  • And So much more.


This module gives complete control over direct purchases. Comprehensive reports can be obtained from any other base module e.g. plant, suppliers, location. Capital expenditure is automatically controlled by the system. A fully integrated general ledger database is linked to the direct and stores order modules to effectively control costs. Rounding off the base module are graphs measuring budget against actual expenditure.

  • Stock levels are carefully monitored.
  • Stock Level Reports makes it easy to do a Stock count and reconciliation.
  • Movement of stock and redundancies can easily be controlled.
  • Critical Spares list are easy to create.
  • Unnecessary or redundant stock are kept to a bare minimum or completely eliminated


This module is fully linked with the maintenance data to effectively maintain safety information and standards. It gives you complete peace of mind concerning Health and Safety. Comprehensive incident reports and safe work Procedures makes this module a powerful Management control tool to ensure legal compliance. This module can also be used in conjunction with any other Health and Safety System to ensure a better safety grading.

  • The Safety Module enables the company to comply legally with the OSH ACT.
  • A complete history of the required legal surveys is kept and can easily be maintained.
  • The training database enables management to control the training of the personnel. Expired dates are shown in red.
  • Legal appointments are done in seconds. All the legal forms are included in this package.
  • Graphical incident statistics are available with the click of a button. DIFR has calculated automatically. The system can print Annexure 2’s
  • Safe Work Procedures and Standard Instructions can be maintained and printed easily.


The Non-Conformance database is designed to help you create and control all Non-Conformance Requests for further Corrective and or Preventive Action to be taken. It provides a logical structure within which you can control your quality effort.

Document Control is a key requirement to any Management System and ensures that the latest version of a document is available at the right place, at the right time and to the right person. Not all documents within an organization need to be controlled but certainly, any that provide guidance or instructions on how aspects of the business should be performed, need to be controlled. In addition, any supporting materials when carrying out these documented activities such as Forms, Price Lists, Terms and Conditions and Reference Materials may also require a degree of control.


Physicians are obligated to make records for each of their patients. The primary use of these records is for the treating physician and other health care professionals to ascertain the patient’s medical history and identify problems or patterns that may help determine the course of health care that should follow. In addition, good records can help optimize the use of resources, both financial and human, by reducing duplication of services and, sometimes, by identifying abuse of the health care system. They may also provide information essential to others for a wide variety of purposes: billing; research; and response to public complaints, legal proceedings or insurance claims.

  • Communicating with Patients
  • Collection of Information Indirectly
  • Communicating with Other Health Care Providers
  • The Cumulative Patient Profile
  • Progress Notes
  • Counselling


This ensures that statistically relevant representative samples are taken and that all information on the sample and the sampling procedure is recorded and documented.

  • The sampling follows a documented sampling procedure.
  • The sampling is based on statistical methods.
  • The sampling procedure describes the selection and withdrawal of representative samples.
  • The sampling location and procedure, the person who took the sample, and any other relevant information about the sampling process are recorded.

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